Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thrifty Tip Tuesday-Free Credit Report

It is a good idea to check out what is being reported on your credit file so that you can see if there are any errors, etc. being reported. You are allowed 1 free credit report thru each of the 3 reporting agencies per year.  What I do is spread out my request thru the year (1 every 4 months) so that I can see if there is anything going on that I need to take action on. You can order all 3 at 1 time too. Go to annual credit report to request your report. If you purchased your credit file it is around $10.00 each so $30.00 saved if you request all three. The ONLY difference between paying for your file compared to the free one is that you will not get your credit score with the free one. If you have a spouse, make a request every 2 months and then you would have saved $60.00 for the year.  A reminder:you always can get a free copy of your credit file if you have been denied credit.

This post is part of Thrifty Tip Tuesday over at I Am A Money Magnet

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